DeepStack AI Server

Easily build AI powered Applications with Recognition and Detection APIs offline and on the cloud.

Self-Hosted and Offline AI APIs

DeepStack is an AI server you can easily install, use completely offline or on the cloud for Face Recognition, Object Detection, Scene Recognition and Custom Recognition APIs to build business and industrial applications!

Zero API Costs

Run thousands to millions of requests without pay-as-you-use costs!

Easy Integration

REST APIs that provides the perfect integration channel for all your applications!


Add new Recognition APIs at will and deploy instantly!

100% Privacy

State-of-the-art AI APIs without sending your data to 3rd party servers!

Stop Waiting!

Start Building!

Our Traction!

Our Self-Hosted and Offline AI Solutions stand out among all other AI solutions!

500,000+ Developers

Empowering hundreds of thousands of developers around the world with state-of-the-art AI tools and frameworks.

4,000,000+ Media Outreach

Providing extensive and comprehensive tutorials for developers, Machine Learning, Deep Learning engineers and researchers.

150+ Countries

Bringing AI technology, tools and knowledge to individuals, teams, corporate organizations and institutions around the world.

3 Languages

Breaking the language barrier of access to state-of-the-art AI tools and knowledge by providing documentations in English, Chinese and French.

Our Popular Projects!



Create new recognition and detection AI models in few lines of code

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A modern deep learning framework built to accelerate research and development of AI systems

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AI project do detect and monitor traffic situations

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A pytorch helper library for Mixed Precision Training, Initialization, Metrics and More Utilities to simplify training of deep learning models

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AI project to detect 16 human actions in images and videos streams

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AI project do detect and monitor fire incidents in indoor and outdoor environments

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Our Mission

DeepQuest AI's mission, which we choose to accept, is to advance and democratize Artificial Intelligence and make it accessible to every individual and organization of all sizes on the planet.

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